Friday, January 4, 2008

Closing Thoughts for the Day

Dear Parents, Teachers and Victorians,
as the flames of our fire burn into the night, we would like to always remember and be mindful of the things we have.

Let us as students, teachers and parents cherish each moment that we have in life and know that we are all connected in one way to each other and that together, each and everyone of us does indeed make a difference.

Here are some announcements and points to note:

Break-camp and Dismissal
We will aim to arrive back in Victoria School by 12.30pm. Please be patient if we are a bit late and do not panic or worry if there is a some classes arrive earlier or later than others-- it is a long way from Jln Bahtera to school, so there will be variance in the travelling time.

The boys will have breakfast in camp but lunch
WILL NOT be served. We would like the boys to have lunch with their parents to share the experiences of the camp with them

Although parents are generally not allowed to visit their sons in camp. We did allow certain parents to visit the camp because their sons were ill or because we needed their assistance to administer to the special needs of their sons. We seek understanding from the rest of the parents on why we had to turn down your requests to visit the camp.

During the Parent's Briefing, we TOLD you that your Sons were in good hands.
On Thu, we are certain that all the parents PRAYED HARD that their Sons were in good hands.
But we think that by tonight, all of you will KNOW, that your sons are in good hands.
and most importantly- that choosing Victoria was the right choice.

Because Victoria is something more.
Good night. More updates tomorrow

Mr Amir (Camp Commandant) & the Camp Team

More Campfire Performances

As our Camp fire proceeded, even teachers were roped in to join the fun and games Even when presented with a forfeit, ever sporting teachers like, Mr Denny Aw, gamely joined in.

Miss Melissa Chng and her class 1G with the Chicken Dance

Campfire Performances

The Junior and Senior Student Leaders (affectionately known as Red and Black Shirts, respectively) kicked off the performances with a familiar classic. In the words of Fadhil, our most 'prominent' Black Shirt:
"It will be a performance that will forever be etched in your memory"
Trust me, after so many camps, there is no way I will ever forget the VS Banana Dance

Banana Dance by RED & BLACK SHIRTS

Hokey Pokey- Sec 1A
Next we have Sec 1A with their 'Hokey Pokey"

Flea, Flea Fly- All Boys

Camp Fire Highlights

At long last, we were ready for our Campfire, the Finale of the camp.
We were graced by the presence of our Principal, Mr Low Eng Teong, who had just rushed down after completing his reservist.

We also were delightfully pleased with the presence of our VP (Admin), Miss Ann Teo.

Miss An Teo worke quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of many of our programs. Together with Mr Low, they light up the campfire to cement the bonds of friendship celebrated tonight.

Highlights of Day 2

Updates & Highlights of Day 2

Words from our Camp Commandant, Mr Amir
"We have just finished all our activities for Day 2. There were some light showers in the late afternoon, so some activities had to be cut short. However, most of the boys were able to complete the full range of activities; although some boys had to miss certain stations due to time and weather. But we assure you that in their time in VS, they will have ample opportunity to experience the outdoors through our various camping programs"

"Even though the weather was cool, we ensured that the boys were adequately hydrated and drank lots of water. We began the day with a water parade and reminded the boys to drink water regularly throughout the day"

"The boys are becoming more independent and adapt at looking after themselves and learning to clean up after eating, taking care of waste food and washing their utensils."
"Although, they were quite nervous on the first day, they are now eagerly participating in all the High Elements"
"They are learning to bond with each other and work as a team. At the moment, the rain has cleared and we are eagerly preparing for tonight's Campfire. Let's hope for good weather and you'll get further updates as the night progresses"

Mr Amir (Camp Commandant) & the Team!

More Zip-Line. Whee!!!

Here we have Marcus from 1E being dispatched by Instructor Peiyun for the Flying Fox.

Nature Rummbbblle!

Yes, yes, yes! You've all heard about the Nature Rumble and I bet all of you are dying to see it.

So here are some exciting clips of the boys in action!
Here we have Liu Haoran from 1D and his friends at the Mud Pool.

Their first task was to pamper themselves with a facial. I'm sure that all the mummies out there will agreed that mud packs are good for the face and that the one thing most boys neglect is to take care of their complexion, right?
Never fear, VS SPA for Men is here!

Then their next task was for them to collect the most of MUD possible:

"What do you call a little bit of MUD" - Mini-MUD
"What do you call a lot of MUD" - Mega-MUD

At VS, we are willing to go the extra mile for our students. Here, we see Mr Ben Khor from 1E baring all for the sake of his class. Check out that body, man!

The Grand Finale was the Mud Roll!

Lunch Time!

It is now time for lunch!

In order to make sure that all boys have enough food to eat, we can see our Camp Commandant Mr Amir personally overseeing the serving of the food.

Look at all their hungry faces (especially Senior Leader Gavin, trying to con more food from Mr Amir :P)

But I am sure nothing beats Mum's cooking

Insy Winsy Spider

One of the team-building General Stations is the Spider Web where students have to cross from one side of the spider-web to the opposite side without using the same hole in the web twice

Lead by Example

Well many of you parents have expressed the desire that if only you could get to experience the Zipline, the Abseil, etc.

So to fulfil that desire, I have decided to give you a first person perspetive look of what your son sees as he descends the Zip-line- of course, for this who else can be the guinea pig? Me, lor....:)

(Do not there is a portion where the video blanks out because I need to use my hands to stabilise myself)

After completing the descent, we have our professional and well-trained student leaders to help our participants with unhooking and a safe descent back to ground.

Low Wall but High Expectations

All the fathers out there will be able to remember the familiar Low Wall obstacle that we all loved to hate during our SOC in army.

But during the SOC in army, you have to clear the wall alone- that is tough!
Here we use team work because in Victoria, we are family.

Values- What we are worth

Today, our classes continue with their Form Teacher's period as we get them to share on the values that a Victorian should have

We hope that by sharing, they will be able to articulate the values that they would like to internalise for themselves and take ownership for their personal growth

What goes up... must come down- Abseiling

The Abseil tower is one of the more exciting challenges that the students will face. Fathers in the Commandoes or Guards unit during their NS will no doubt recall their army days :)

In abseiling, it is the position of the braking hand (the right hand, since most people are right-handed; for left-handers, it's the reverse) that controls the rate of descent. The left hand only plays a guiding role and is not used for actual braking as we can see in the following clip where we have Khairul from 1D showing us how the abseil is done:

Even though Abseiling is a technically challenging activity, we make sure we give a thorough run through of the procedures. Here we see our External Instructor CK, dispatching Lee Kwan Meng from 1D

Wet, dirty and muddy

Hi Mum, Hi Dad,

Would you still want to hug us now?

We would LURVE to give you a big, wet, muddy hug. heh heh.... :P


The ever popular Zip-line
(Note: clip has no sound)

Cluster Games and Team-Building

Here we see Mr David Lee with his Sec 1I Class conducting the team-building and class bonding games

Rise & Shine!

Good Morning, Victorians!

As you can see, our Victorian Idol- Mr Amir is already wide awake at this early hour, preparing for morning PT!
We also have our our lovely ladies Miss Sheikha, Miss Sharmira, Miss Cheryl Wong and Miss Reyna Choo and one sleepy Mr Daniel Tan :)

We begin the day bright and early with Morning PT and a water parade to make sure that the boys are all adequately hydrated.

Let's see some clips of our dynamic Camp Commandant in action, leading the boys through the Morning PT:

As we can see, in the early morning, many of our boys still cannot tell their left hand from their right hand :)

But what is sure is that they are slowly begining to feel the Victorian Spirit pulsing in their veins

Here's to another great day
The Camp Team