Saturday, January 5, 2008

Behind the scenes of EDGE 2008

At long last, we have come to the end of the camp.
Here's a tongue in the cheek look at a light side of your Camp Commandant and his crazy gang of side-kicks that you might not get to see in the hectic course of the camp.

MAN of the MOMENT: Mr Amir Hamzah- Camp Commandant(Ret)

Behind the 'Garang' demeanour of our Camp Commandant, Mr Amir; we at the PE Dept know that he is a man of great sensitivity and compassion (Baik la, Abang)

Even with a FLAT car battery in his vroom-vroom Subaru WRX, he still managed to reach the camp. Lagi better, still managed to buy makan for the teachers. How not to be touched with the such a Power Camp Commandant.

In the words of Mr Amir:
"I feel the passion man, the passion. Worse come to the worse if my car don't start, I will push back from Jalan Bahtera all the way back to Siglap.
Because I not ordinary teacher, I is Victoria teacher, so das means I got the power, the power, man."

(The above paragraph must be read in Mr Amir's unique accent- those in doubt please ask Miss Sheikha to demonstrate, she does a good Mr-Amir-Imitation)

With our Brudder in trouble, how can PE Dept not help, right
How can we bear to see Mr Amir Macho-Clap Hamzah, push his car ALLLLL the way back from Jln Bahtera to Siglap right?
The least we could do was give him 50 cents to take bus- but now bus price so expensive, 50 cents only allow him to go up and press the bell, come down.

Luckily, our Sports Sec, Mr Sng Yiam Kwee came to the rescue:

Moral of the Story:

Power-ful man who drive Power-ful car must not forget power cable


Dear Parents, all boys are back in school and have been accounted for.
Many thanks to all the parents for your kind words of support and encouragement.

Some quick announcements.

Attire on Monday 7th Jan 2008

Attire for Monday is Full-school uniform WITH school tie.

Students who do not know how to knot their tie, do not worry. The Junior and Senior Leaders will be arriving in school by 7.00am. Seek out their help if you have any problems.

Remember that morning assembly starts by 7.20am so please be punctual

Lost and Found Items

All unclaimed clothing and belongs have been announced to the campers already. We have displayed the items and allowed students time to claim them. Unclaimed items have ALL been disposed at the bulk bins at the campsite.

Cluster Runs and VP's Visit

Today our last day of camp, we were visited by our Vice-Principal (Academic) Mr Mark Minjoot.

Mr Minjoot began by addressing the boys and reinforced the messages that we have been imparting to them throughout this camp.

Mr Minjoot then proceeded to give out the prizes for the best runners in each cluster. Cross-country is one of the niche sports area in VS. We have won either B or C Division Championship titles for 19 years in a row. During the course of the camp, we had running sessions with the boys to familiarise them with the 2.4km run component of their NAPFA test (now that they are in Secondary school it is no longer the 1.6km Jog/Walk but the 2.4km run)
We gave out prizes for the top 10 runners from each cluster.

On our way back!

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go"
"I'm standing here just outside your door"
"I hate to wake you up to say goodbye"
- John Denver

Mum and Dad, please don't worry.
I'll be on my way home soon :)

Your son :)

Behind the scenes...

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes of a camp?
Here we give you a sneak peak into the Camp Commandants office.

The most important place is our status update board where we track the situation of all students who are not feeling well or have injuries.

Next we have our movement chart where we track the presence and movement of any students needing to leave camp.

For today, got 'live' patient in the Commandant's room with us now. He's resting comfortably with us now.

Finally, we have our 'Mobile Outdoor Media Centre'- through the dedicated efforts of our Camp Photographer Mr Tan Chong Kiat, with his supder-duper SLR Camera (seen here) and our powerful Dell Media Laptop AND most importantly our 20m long LAN cable that allows us to gain interenet connection- yup, all these combine to give you all the latest camp updates.

This is the way we should make technology work for us, right?

Wakey, Wakey!!!

Good Morning all,

It's our 3rd and final day of the camp!
We begin with our usual morning PT and water-parade.

This will be followed by a light jog for some classes and the beginning of area cleaning by the rest.